PAUL Boulanger

Interior architecture

Interior architecture of PAUL Cafe Restaurant on French A3 highways Verdun Station.

An analisis of the typology highway stations was made first. This was followed by a study of the Verdun site and the existing building as a whole.

Once a formal direction for the ream of the building was defined, I worked with Cafe Restaurant PAUL to create a particular image of it’s brand through the space in this particular site.

Materials related to country tradition, close to PAUL’s brand identity, were used. The particularity of the site was that they were used in geometric shapes, instead of the rustic traditional ones that would normally be expected. The idea is to communicate that the brand was integrated in this site where the main priority is efficient mobility and clear signage. The idea of generic cities, as places where identity fades is applied here seeing the highway station as a sort of extension of the nearby cities.

PAUL then also adapts to this context and shows his identity in a way that speaks of this generic quality. The integration of the traditional materials into the clean shapes, has some irony of a fake identity being created. The exagerated signage on the outside also refers to this irony while reinforcing the priority of mobility above all.